What Is a ClubHONDO!?

The Short Answer: ClubHONDO! is the title of our monthly dance parties. Every 2nd Saturday our dancers gather at Suzy and Hondo School of Dance for a Practice Party.

Our parties typically include a one-hour lesson and 2-3 hours of practice dancing. The goal is simple; ClubHONDO! is for you to practice your social dancing skills. We also engage in a large degree of fellowship that also includes social skills; your dance family awaits in this close knit group!

ClubHONDO! Backstory:

During the early 1990s, as Suzy was transitioning from Assistant Director to the actual Director of Funtastic Dance Follies, she was leaning on her alumni team for more and more help. To that end one of her first changes was a larger inclusion of staff and alumni. Those years also included the use of the team locker rooms on campus for costume changing areas.

To make the atmosphere a little more engaging some of the team and I “set up shop” in the locker room during the show weekend. We had snacks, fun lights, coffee maker and great music; it was the place to be and the “hangout” was officially called ClubHONDO!

Toward the end of the decade our dance studio business began and when we rolled out our practice parties, using this title was a natural. Our dance parties are still called ClubHONDO! to this day and we sincerely hope you find it the place you want to be.

Extra additions:

Over the years we have tried to keep it evolving and we have made some fun additions in the past years. We are devoting each month to one of our Top 12 dances; and for the lessons we will warm up with one of our Top 12 Line dances, then teach a sequence for one of our Top 12 Partner dances.

Once the lesson is finished, we will strike up the practice music and play a variety of danceable tunes, covering what we consider the most relevant dance forms. The playlists are chosen by us and will always have tempos that make for good practice music.

We always play the best in music for:

  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Club Dancing
  • Country Dancing
  • Line Dancing
  • Swing Dancing
  • World Dances
  • Historical Dances (Occationally)

Another fun addition has been the dedication of an “Artist of the Week.” These recognitions are for the simple purpose of furthering the music of our greatest musicians, particularly as it relates to danceable songs. Each of our ClubHONDO! dance parties will be in part dedicated to the four artists of that month.

In conclusion:

The question is posed to us quite often, “where is there to go dancing in Bemidji?” Well, in addition to the myriad opportunities to listen and dance to some amazing local music, Suzy and I devote a day each month at our studio to practice the best in dancing and listen to the best music ever recorded for dancing.

Written by Hondo

Edited by Tia