They are “wonderful teachers at affordable rates, great for any dance level, friendly and supportive.”

“After dancing with Suzy and Hondo for a couple of years I was able to go to a club in New York City and be comfortable dancing with a bunch of people I had never met before knowing I looked good on the floor.”
A few years later, a few dances wiser and always a few more things to say.

Dancing with Suzy and Hondo has really helped make my dreams a reality. I never woulda dreamed of the possibility of teaching dance were it not for their teaching style and encouragement. I have always wanted to teach dance but didn’t take a single class myself until I was in college so I thought that dream was way out of reach. Suzy and Hondo made it possible even going as far as giving me the opportunities to teach with them and to teach for them. Now I am many miles away and have people constantly coming up to me asking when my schedule will open up so they can start taking dance classes with me. I owe Suzy and Hondo a lot. I owe them my dreams.
– Kat Morrison, current President of the BSU Swing Dance Club

“I wanted to bring a fun training session to our usual trainings that we have, at our 3 conventions for our leadership and community development organization, and had the opportunity to have them come to our convention in Bemidji to do a Swing Dance lesson.”

“What Fun!! We had over 36 people sign up at our convention to participate. They are an entertaining couple with amazing energy and a knack for teaching even the most novice dancer some steps to use. If you are looking for someone to liven up a dance lesson, yet still be able to teach everyone something, this dance troop is the one for you.”

“I was so excited that Suzy and Hondo accepted my invitation to do an ‘introduction to swing dance’ lesson at our convention in Bemidji this spring. Everyone that participated, and even some of those who watched from the side, said how much fun they were and that we should try to do something like this at another convention. Once the lesson was done, they did one of their dance routines that just WOWWED everyone. It was an experience that I will never forget and will want to try again sometime. Thanks again Suzy and Hondo!!”
– Michael Glum, 2003 Individual Development Vice President for the Minnesota Jaycees

“I started working with Suzy and Hondo in 1998. I had no previous dance experience, and tended to be very shy about getting out on the dance floor. The Langhouts encouraged me not to be frightened of what turned out to be a fun and interesting dance form. Their instruction allowed me to get out dancing with very little time spent learning. The knowledge did not stop there though; they continued to integrate further instruction throughout the time I spent in their company. In the end, they had equipped me with a basic arsenal of various moves that I had the ability and confidence to string together in any amalgam. Best of all, I was not treated as just a person in a line, but rather the Langhouts showed specific interest in my person, treating me as a friend, and not just their student.”

“If it was not you guys, I would not be dancing today.”
– Former BSU student and current University of Florida Chemistry teacher Ronald James Whiddon when asked about SUZY AND HONDO

“Rick and I attended the Dance Weekend Seminar. We had a great time, learned a lot and wish we lived in Bemidji so we could go to every lesson they offer. Suzy and Hondo are great teachers. I love the way they break down each dance into simple parts, starting with the rhythm, and then the basic steps individually and then dancing together as partners.”

“We had a great time! Rick was very nervous because he doesn’t think he can dance and was worried about being the only one who couldn’t catch on. However, Suzy and Hondo do such a great job of working with the group and individuals as needed that he was able to have a lot of fun. Kathleen was nervous because she always felt like she was a lousy follower, but again, Suzy and Hondo explained how arm placement and body alignment can actually make following your partner easy. We didn’t leave as expert dancers, but we can maneuver around the dance floor with several of the dance styles. Most important, however, was that we had a lot of fun, both practicing the dances and getting to know the other couples. We encourage everyone to take their classes.”
– Grand Rapids residents Rick and Kathleen Blake gave this testimonial regarding the weekend dance clinic they attended.

“I tried to learn some swing dance steps from a few teachers at different clubs in Michigan and Wisconsin, but all I got out of it was a few basic steps- just a pattern, not a real way to dance. Then I came to a dance by Suzy and Hondo – and was dancing in an evening! Unlike some teachers, Suzy and Hondo don’t just teach a few steps or a pattern, they teach the whole package – the history of swing, steps and variations, methods, and ways to advance. Their ballroom training also helps them to break steps down into manageable and understandable bits, while sympathizing with the needs of beginners – in both swing and social dance. ”
– Former BSU Student Matt Hoerauf when asked about Suzy and Hondo

“We have taken large group lessons, private lessons, and attended several of their dances in Bemidji.”

“We have always been impressed with the experience, energy, enthusiasm and commitment to excellence that Suzy and Hondo bring to their dance classes. Whether teaching large groups or giving private lessons, the Langhouts make learning fun!”

“Suzy and Hondo offer many different opportunities to learn and will go out of their way to meet the needs of their customers. They know how to dance…love to dance…and love sharing their knowledge of dancing.
– Grand Rapids residents Laurie and Devron Dame

Three years ago we had the privilege of taking dance lessons from Suzy and Hondo. Owners/Instructors Suzy and Hondo were not the first dance instructors we had been to during our 18 years of marriage. We could not have been more pleased with the level of instruction we received and continue to receive.

As a martial arts instructor for over twenty years, Kym and I have seen many styles of “hands on” instruction. Simply put, Suzy and Hondo are one of the best we have ever seen and that is not stated lightly!

Suzy and Hondo bring real life explanations to the meaning of whatever style of dance is being learned. They explain and demonstrate the moves with such clarity that beginners, intermediates and advanced dancers will find their tutorage of great benefit and have fun while learning. Their fee structure fits any person’s lifestyle and their continued investigation of their own study of dance is passed on to the student.

We, as a couple, have found that it is a very fun way to spend an evening in Bemidji, Minnesota during one of Club Hondo’s dance parties. Great entertainment with the ambiance of a dance hall, along with a good time dancing, meeting people, great music and not to mention a good workout to get your energy going!

We have taken both group and private lessons, which were tailored, for our individual requests. No matter if you desire to learn how to polka at the next wedding dance or salsa during your next trip to Mexico, Suzy and Hondo is definitely the place to attend.

It doesn’t matter who you are, young or old, you owe it to yourself and your partner, present or future to try it out and have a really good time. We sure do!!
– Steve and Kym Kovacic, one of our local couples said this about Suzy and Hondo

“I had always wanted to take lessons and was thrilled when I found Suzy and Hondo. At first I was unable to talk my sons or husband into taking a class with me. I eventually conned my nephew into coming along – we had so much fun. The next time classes were offered; my daughter and her boyfriend joined us. The following class I finally convinced my husband to come (after all I participated in his fishing/hunting activities…it was only fair). Eventually I had, my husband, both sons, both daughters, a nephew, his girlfriend, and various other family friends coming to class.”

“I can’t tell you what a great feeling it is to have your teen/collage age sons encourage you to attend the Suzy and Hondo social dances and then have them ask you to dance with them in PUBLIC! Or how neat it is to go to a wedding reception and have your sons ask you to dance because no one else there could “swing”. It was fun watching the kids and their friends dancing with each other – I would come home from work and find my son (college age) dancing with his youngest sister (middle school age) experimenting with throws/twirls/flips etc. – he didn’t injure or kill her…although he dropped her on her head once or twice, she thought he was the greatest. ”

“Since those days of dancing lessons…..one son married and moved away, the other joined the Navy and is now stationed in Japan, the oldest daughter and her boy friend are soon to be married and my baby girl will be a senior in high school this fall. I have wonderful memories of dancing with my children – stepping on each other’s feet, being kicked in the shins, of someone forgetting to hang on to my hand which sent me twirling across the floor, of trying to keep a serious face during the Tango, of mastering the dances enough to fool non-dancers into thinking we knew what we were doing and of endless hours of smiles and laughter! I miss those days, cherish the memories and look forward to taking classes again.
– Bemidji resident Donna Fuller shares her story

“I recommended Suzy and Hondo to our Human Resources Department (the event coordinators) to teach and perform with Lance Benishek and myself at the company I work for, Department 56 Inc.’s, summer company event.”

“They were prompt, energetic and impeccably dressed to fit our party’s theme. They were flawlessly prepared for any situation. e.g. They had a large sound system, a smaller system to fit a smaller area, microphones and their music selection ran the gamut of musical genres. Our staff could not confirm prior to the party the amount of space we would have or if the 2 pairs of instructors would be teaching in separate locations (due to the confines of our space) They came prepared to do performance-style numbers as well as teach a variety of dances. They truly came prepared for any situation.”

“There are many people who teach dance in the Twin Cities. However, I could not have asked for a better, more enthusiastic couple than Suzy and Hondo to teach with us. It was the best level of group participation we have had at a company party in the 5.5 years I have been here. Everybody seemed to enjoy the lessons and was motivated to get up and dance. They exceeded the entertainment coordinator’s expectations. I am happy they were available that day and were willing to make the drive to The Twin Cities just for our event.”

Shannon Butler
Product Development Assistant

“You two were the best at our Company Appreciation Event. Our employees enjoyed the show while participating in the team building dances. Great fun and would love it if you two were closer to do more with that sort of thing. Great Event, Thanks!”

Bonnie Hedal
Human Resources Manager
– Feedback received after completing a group lesson at Department 56 in Minneapolis

“They are excellent dance instructors. The classes are fun and informative, and very unintimidating. I would highly recommend that anyone with an interest in dancing take their classes.”

“They are terrific teachers who make learning to dance fun and enjoyable!”
– Since 1994 Suzy and Hondo have served on the Bemidji State University Snowball committee. This was Department Chair and Professor of Music Del Lyren providing feedback about their contributions.

“My name is Sue Bergren and the organization I belonged to, that contracted Suzy and Hondo’s services, was Beginning Experiences. We, as a group, hired Suzy and Hondo to provide music and dance instruction for one of our reunion dances.”

“Before the event we met with Jon to decide what kind of music we wanted and what dances would be desirable to be taught. Thanks to Suzy and Hondo our dance was a huge success!! They made everyone feel comfortable whether they chose to take the lesson before the dance or just watch. Most saw how much fun we were having and participated. Many people discovered they did not have 2 left feet that night.”

“The enthusiasm of the instructors set the tone for the whole evening. Rarely was the dance floor empty. People are still raving about the dance calling it the best one they have been to. Our group involves people from all over MN. N.D. and even S.D. It was such a fun evening that we have hired Suzy and Jon Hondo again for this fall’s reunion.”

“As a group some of us had taken private group lessons earlier. The cost was reasonable. Even though we had more men than women come we all had a great time! It was non-threatening to those of us who had never danced before.

“Learning to dance provided us with a new hobby and many of us keep our skills up by dancing on Friday nights at local clubs like the Eagles. We are hoping as a group to take more lessons again… perhaps improving our skills and then advancing to a tango. I personally am waiting for my fiance’s knees to be up to the challenge of private lessons; we both think the other person’s waltz skills need work. Friends of mine have taken private lessons and loved the individual attention they received.”

“Suzy and Hondo provide a service to our community offering their skills and enthusiasm as they teach us to enjoy the music even more by dancing. Thank-you for enriching our lives and challenging us to go outside our little boxes and learn something new.”
– Suzy and Hondo have had the privilege to work with many members of the group Beginning Experiences. Here is input from one of the B.E. event organizers.

“I started by taking my introductory Swing Dance classes from them through the Bemidji State University Swing Dance club that they teach for on a weekly basis. I took lessons for three years. One of the years I was elected president of the club so I coordinated with them with club functions. In addition I have been a part of the BSU Funtastic Dance Follies for the past 4 years that Suzy Langhout directs.”

“They have shown to be very dedicated, knowledgeable, and excited about teaching the basics to the advanced to whomever they are teaching at the moment.”

“I have worked with many instructors over the past few years but Suzy and Hondo’s teaching methods still seem to be one of the most effective and conducive for learning that I have worked.
– Andy Johnson, Past President of the BSU Swing Dance Club

“I started as a community education student with Suzy and Hondo when I was in high school. I took Social dance one and two, and liked it so much I decided to take Social one again in college. It was there that I also Learned to Swing dance from Suzy and Hondo.”

“Suzy and Hondo are by far the nicest people you can ever meet and are always willing to go the extra mile for their students. No one is ever left behind in one of their classes no matter what their skill level, and that makes everyone feel included and accepted. Suzy and Hondo are truly two of the best teachers I know!”

“You two have honestly changed my life. Thank you both so much for being great teachers, advisors and above all friends, you and your whole family mean so much to me!”
– Amber Ladany, Past BSU Swing Dance Club President

“Suzy and Hondo are the most professional and motivating people I know. To watch them dance is like pure magic. You can see the sparks between them because they love to dance, but even more the love to get others excited about dancing. I have danced in a few groups down in Houston Texas, and nothing compares to the atmosphere that Suzy and Hondo portrait. ”

“The best thing about dancing is no matter what kind of day you are having before you start, you will be smiling from ear to ear the moment you start, and then well on through the night.”
– Chris Laveau, Founder of the BSU Swing Dance Club

You guys have truly made an impact on my life not just dancing but life in general. I wouldn’t have met some of my closest friends if it weren’t for dance. Dancing has brought out many great qualities that I will always treasure. You guys have a special ability to warm up and get together not just friends but also strangers. I could go on and on about stuff to be thankful for from you guys, but there isn’t enough time. Thank you again your student and always friend.
– Camden Reed, Dedicated Dancer

We think that, next to the fireworks, Suzy and Hondo’s dance group was one of the most talked about features at Community Appreciation Day. The crowd started to dance and sing along. Suzy and Hondo were easy to work with, arrived on time and put on a very fun, energetic and professional show
– Bekki Babineau and Joe Czapiewski, Bemidji State University Co-Chairs
Community Appreciation Day 2007

Thank you again for the wonderful evening we had at your dance studio August 2nd 2007, after Ryan and Abby’s wedding rehearsal dinner. I am so happy we decided to have the wedding party use your services of dance instruction after the groom’s dinner. It was a perfect way to have the wedding family and friends socialize before the wedding. The guests are still raving to us about how much fun they had both evenings. I highly recommend anyone involved with the planning of a wedding rehearsal dinner use your dance classes for a night of fun for both families and friends.
– Noemi Aylesworth, Mother of the Groom

You two are excellent role models in so many ways.
If anything you two have a larger positive impact on those lives than you know.
The dancing is how you touch so many lives, but how you two live is what I’m talking about.
Thank you for working hard through the tough stuff and being a fine example to others.
– Simon

Because I’m sitting here listening to music, I need a special show of appreciation to Suzy Langhout and Jon P Langhout Jr. These two have shown me a world and a side of me I never knew existed. They have broadened my horizons, so to speak, and showed me the route to express myself in new ways. In all honesty, it was very much needed. I have so much more appreciation for music, dance, arts and so many other things I once thought trivial. Not just that, but those of you reading this may know how I am. I test the waters, I try patience, I am renown for being difficult and frustrating; yet these two still show me the smile radiant smiles and kindness they’ve displayed from day one. I couldn’t ask for more amazing dancing instructors, because my two dance instructors are providing life lessons tied in with their curriculum.
– Melvin

Suzy and hondo are fantastic teachers! I love going to dance at their studio!
– Linda

As a former student who became a dance teacher I can say that Hondo and Suzy are the best. They always make you feel comfortable and you learn a great deal each lesson.
– Becki

My first lesson with a great friend! Thanks for the invite and confidence as a dance partner Tony!
Suzy was a joy to work with! I’ll be back soon!
– Candy

One of the great advantages of NOT going … to acting school is you’re not taught a right and wrong way to do things. So many young people have stopped freethinking for themselves. … I kind of see myself as a perpetual student.
– Ethan Hawke (Actor)



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