suzy1 suzy2When I asked Suzy what she wanted in her bio, she said, “tell them I am the lazy one that sits around the house.” So there you have it!

No, really now, here is what you actually want to know about Suzy:

She is a Scorpio born in the year of the Horse. Her favorite ways to pass the time, other than being with our girls and me, are reading Science Fiction novels, sitting by the lake and redecorating our home.

Suzy is known for her long beautiful black hair, highlighted with wonderful varying streaks of blonde. And her exotic looks are partially a result of her Asian heritage.

Ladies, don’t hate her because she is small. Her diminutive Chinese Grandfather and petite Mother are where she gets her physical attributes. She just can’t help it! That’s all. And wow can she make a cocktail dress look good. Growwwwwlllll!

suzy3                                             suzy4
Oh! Maybe you wanted some background on her dancing? Ahhhhhhh, now I get it.

Here you go:

In addition to being President in charge of Strategic Oversight at Top of the River, Inc., Suzy is the sole dance instructor at Bemidji State University. Her specialties there include Social Dance, a one-credit course, and Methods of Teaching Rhythms and Dance, a two-credit majors class. Suzy also advises the BSU Dance Team and the campus Swing Dance Club.

Plus! Each April she is Director of the annual BSU Funtastic Dance Follies, a community tradition since 1945-46, and this is in addition to serving on the BSU Homecoming and BSU Snowball committees.

Most importantly, while I may be the talker, she is most assuredly the talent in our duo.


Respectfully submitted by: HONDO!

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(218) 766-4043

1259 Tyler Avenue SE

Bemidji, MN 56601 ‎