There’s no way to peg a time that Suzy started dancing because she just grew up doing it! Her mom (Mrs. C) was a dance teacher for Bemidji State for many years, so Suzy grew up a natural, and always has been. This is what makes her such a wonderful teacher, and mentor!

Suzy started teaching dance at Bemidji State in 1995 and hasn’t stopped! She teaches a wide range at BSU, from Methods of Teaching to Yoga, and even Techniques of Relaxation. If you’re ever lucky enough to join one of her yoga classes, you’ll see why those are her two classes that fill up the fastest!

On top of teaching, she is also a coach, and advisor for the Bemidji State Ballroom Dance Club, Swing Dance Club, and Dance Team. She’s really a jack of all trades when it comes to dance.

Outside of dancing, Suzy’s favorite things are anything with their two daughters and son-in-law’s, their three big dogs, and traveling to anywhere, but especially a tropical beach. You’ll usually find her with a coffee in her hand, and either a smile, or rolling her eyes at something Hondo said.