We have a really nice blacktop parking lot directly in front (the east side) of our building with 16 parking places (plus one handicapped) and a class 5 (dirt) lot on the left (south side) of our building with several more. The blacktop lot is primarily for smaller cars while the south lot works well for bigger vehicles. There is also a green space further to the south that can be used for parking and additional space along the sides of the service road for more cars. Our blacktop lot has one marked handicapped spot and the concrete sidewalk has a ramp at either end.

When exiting our lot please use caution as cross traffic may not see you, so please come to a full stop and look both ways before entering Tyler Avenue from our parking lot, etc.

Our zoning ordinance strictly prohibits any parking on Tyler Avenue proper so if you are unable to find a spot during one of our events, please ask for assistance.