Our Turnkey Solution to Social Dancing

  • Phase 1 – enroll in our 2-lesson starter program
    –Learn how we teach and show us how you learn
  • Phase 2 – Work your way through the GREEN SHEET (the Essentials)
    private lesson you will learn movement fundamentals and apply them to music in our Basics Program (these patterns are your liberal education)
  • Phase 3 – Regularly attend the Ballroom Blitz
    Begin to apply patterns and apply your skills at our social practices
  • Phase 5 – Complete regular dance homework
    –Take-home repetitive-learning self-driven practice assignments
  • Phase 4 – Work your way through the BLUE SHEET (the Extras)
    –Using private lessons turn your fundamentals in to patterns using our patented Downtown© format (this is your “Sophomore” material)
  • Phase 5 – Bonus material GROUP DANCES
    –Gain skills (during private lessons and/or social events) for party, folk and fad dances; especially fun and useful in large gatherings: Line, Scatter, Circle and other formations
  • Phase 6 – ClubHONDO! Dance Parties
    –Apply your dance skills to live music in our safe and family friendly social dancing environment
  • Phase 7 – Work your way through the BRONZE SHEET (the Extremes)
    –Using private lessons add polish and precision to your patterns and further develop your favorite dance styles using our patented Uptown© format (this is your “Dance Major” material)
  • Phase 8 – Dance in public
    –Dancing nights out with fellow students
  • Phase 9 – Fly SOLO!
    –Medal Test, Dance on a cruise, Compete, Dance in a showcase, Dance on vacation, your choice, etc.



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