Reasons Guys Should Take Dance Lessons

  1. A little specialized dance training can make you look GUUUUUD!
  2. You won’t lose your keys as much – dancing improves your memory.
  3. Stronger ankles, knees, and hips…great for walking on the ice.
  4. Your mom will be happy because your posture will improve – she won’t have to tell you to “sit up straight” anymore.
  5. You will be able to move through a crowded room easier – dancing with a partner develops acute awareness of your surroundings.
  6. Balance – Balance – Balance.
  7. Whatever the music that’s playing, whatever the room that you’re in, whatever the crowd that you’re hangin’ with – you will be THAT GUY who can dance to the tunes that are jumpin.’
  8. You will have the confidence of SUPERMAN – okay, that’s a bit much – but you will have the confidence of Gene Kelly! Okay. Yeah, that’s better. Gene was an athlete first, dancer second.
  9. Oh yeah…Rhythm – Rhythm – Rhythm.
  10. When you can cut a rug and not bust your conk, your fly chick will totally dig on your boss moves and slick attitude. You will BE the MAN!