Suzy & Hondo Studio of Bemidji, MN dance instructors use their talent and creativity to make it fun to learn, while at the same time teaching the fundamental skills required to be an adult dancer. We strive to create a fun and energetic atmosphere to instill the love of dance, as well as provide the opportunity to excel and perform. We offer classes for the young, the young at heart and for everyone in between. Whether teaching beginners “the basics” of dance, showing those who are a little “rusty” the steps they once took, or helping those looking to refine their dancing, our dance instruction encourages our students with a variety of dance forms and help them discover their own style of dance.

We are here to provide exceptional customer service and to touch the life of each and every dancer. We pride ourselves on having high quality, enthusiastic and exceptionally talented instructors. We take pride in creating lessons designed to build self-confidence and motivation, while working hard and maintaining a fun atmosphere.

Suzy & Hondo School of Dance instructors will:

  • Give you self-confidence to dance at weddings, parties and events
  • Help refine, improve and enhance your dancing skills
  • Help you and your partner enhance your fun and romance
  • Show those both young and old, the fun and enjoyment of dance!