Since we started our dancing journey, here is where we have danced:

  • Danced locally at: BSU Annual Snow Ball, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Les Brown Band at Northern Lights; Nielsen Place demonstration; Johnny Holm Band and White Side Walls street dances; Eagles club Friday nights; BHS Blue Angels Dance Show; Gold Pine Living Center demonstration; Hot Toddy’s live music nights, American Legion, Brigid’s Cross live music nights; Under the tent 4th of July, BSU Funtastic Dance Follies; countless wedding dances, numerous saloons and clubs … and over 100 ClubHONDO! Dance Parties at the Elks and now at our new School of Dance.
  • Danced regionally at: UDance Fest, Star of the North, Medina Ballroom, Sving Du Nord Workshops, Minnesota Star Ball, Minnesota Madness Shakopee Ballroom, TC Swing Saturday Dances, Twin Cities Open Minneapolis Marriott, Moorhead Swing Dance Club, Camp Courage, Harvest Moon Swing Camp, Land O’ Loons Lindy Hoppers workshops.
  • Danced nationally at: Ray Anthony big band concert, Gold Coast Las Vegas, DVIDA workshops, Brigham Young University, Paris Hotel and Resorts Las Vegas charity performance, Lincoln Center Lindy Hop festival Manhattan, Catalina Island California.
  • Danced internationally: Glenn Miller Caribbean Cruise, Mazatlan Festival, Chinese National Television, Vienna Austria Huerigan, Couples Resort Jamaica, Makena Beach Maui Luau, Walt Disney World and Disney Land.
  • Every journey begins with the first step – dance floors everywhere are waiting for yours!

Wedding Dances (a word or two about etiquette) if you are a guest at a wedding dance:

  • Remember It’s not for you to get your dance on, it’s for her.
  • Then it’s for the family.
  • Then it’s for the friends.
  • BUT, after all that is said and done, you can have a FUNtastic time on the dance floor.
  • Remember the DJ will not likely know much about dance tempos so you will want to request specific songs.
  • Be courteous, use your new dancing skills, but above all practice your floorcraft.
  • Thank the DJ, thank the groom, hug the bride (with permission J), and take home some fun dancing memories