The Dance Follies is an annual tradition at BSU starting in 1945-46, and this will be the 69th year it is performed. Only the football team has been around longer … LOL!!!

The show started out in Sanford Hall after world war II, directed by Myrtie Hunt, then directed by my Mom Marion Christianson, who began holding the show in M100 and then the basketball gym, where is has been presented the past four decades. Finally the show was handed off to Suzy in 1995.

“Three directors in almost 70 years, now THAT’s tradition.”

Each year it becomes the passion of all of our dancers on campus PLUS some of our dancers from the studio and we minimize our lesson schedule during the 2nd and 3rd weeks of April. The show includes a collection of young men and women, students, staff and faculty, alumni, special guests and local studios, representatives from Ballroom Dance Club, Swing Dance Club, BSU Dance Team, Ballroom Dance Class, Social Dance Class and many other campus and community organizations. The show is always produced as a family friendly showcase, open to all levels of ability, features multiple kinds dancing as a central theme and is appropriate and fun for all ages.

“Every year someone asks us what the theme is, and we say, it’s in the title!”
Funtastic Dance Follies.

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