Hondo started dancing in 1989; he signed up for Basics of Social Dance at BSU, and promptly dropped out on the first day. After a bit of soul searching, he decided to sign up again, and this time he stuck with it. Mrs. C decided that he was talented enough to join the spring show (Funtastic Dance Follies), and after only a minor bout of stage fright, he hasn’t stopped dancing since!

Hondo teaches alongside Suzy, and the pair make the best dynamic duo. Between private lessons, group classes, and helping Suzy at BSU, Hondo is always cracking jokes, and talking with anyone he can find. He is also responsible for the creative ideas and elements that make up most of the classes.

Outside of dance, Hondo loves to do anything with their daughters and son-in-law’s, especially if it includes getting on a plane to somewhere exotic! He also loves to read, write, and study his family history to share with the rest of the family.