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Curriculum Vitae


Me? Writing about myself? Hmmmmm. Maybe the third person will be easier.

Well, here goes.

Hondo was born July 30, 1964 in Fall River Mills, CA. For you Astrological types he is a Leo born in the year of the Dragon. So, according to that, he will either be “leading the way” or “down for the count.” And, as such, will need lots and lots of attention. Sound familiar to anyone?

Offsetting his “non-stop” nature is a tendency to be shy and withdrawn at times. So you get both extremes – the bouncing off the walls supercharged Marvel comic book character or the observing, reflective, introspective, philosophical, bookish, casual wannabe Jamaerican.

Whoa – that’s a lot to say. And, all of it, I must say, without saying the word  “I.”  Ah nuts, almost made it!

Saaaaaay, that was a dangling participle, wasn’t it? Well nobody’s perfect.

Now, Hondo’s greatest dream, other than having a ridiculously happy family, is to teach dancing in northern Minnesota, while traveling two months of the year to warm beachside locales teaching and performing with Suzy. We’re talking LA, Miami, San Diego, Vegas maybe, or even Cuba, France, Greece. Can you dig that? I knew that you could. Wow, what a vision!

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Okay, okay okay. Now, about the dancing.

But – maybe a bit of background first.

Hondo started dancing in 1989, when he enrolled in Basics of Social Dancing at Bemidji State University, and promptly DROPPED out the first day.  Well he re-enrolled the following quarter after MUCH soul searching.

The course was taught by the legendary Marion (Mrs. C.) Christianson. At the completion of the class he was asked to join the BSU Funtastic Dance Follies annual production, (they REALLY needed guys) and he danced a Waltz and a Latin Mixer. Yay! Dancing in front of people even. That summer Suzy and he started dating, became engaged in Hong Kong – in 1992, and got married four months later.

Together Suzy and Hondo started teaching along side Mrs. C. (Suzy’s Mom by the way), and upon her retirement in 1995 began teaching private lessons and community education classes on their own. In 1998 they decided to turn their love into a Hobby Business and formed Top of the River Social Dance Studios, now known as Suzy and Hondo School of Dance.

Okay okay back to the bio.

As the CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) of Suzy and Hondo School of Dance LLC, Hondo is responsible for the ideas and creative elements that make up the Classes, Social Dances and Clinics sponsored by the school.  While the President (Suzy) approves all of the curriculum, play-lists and strategies, the ideas – (good, bad or otherwise) – often start with him.

So far Hondo’s percentages, respectively, are about 20%, 40%, 40%. But, bless her heart; Suzy patiently listens to each and every idea, (even the one about bikinis cigarettes and beer), before imparting her perfect wisdom. (Can you tell she is approving this as well)?

And this is how the well-oiled Suzy and Hondo machine works. Hondo comes up with the ideas and the plans and Suzy shoots them down, er, um, provides her words of support and wisdom, then shoots them down, er, sometimes she smiles and says “Okay go with it.” Then we know we have a WINNER! Hooray!

uh-oh, what’s this?

.da.da.dt.dt.da.da.da.dt.dt.dt, this just in, da.da.dt.dt, we interrupt this bio, da.da.dt.dt, and heeeeeeeeeeeere’s Suzy:

Okay! Hondo got his shot at my bio – so here’s my two cents…hee hee hee…

Hondo is DEFINITELY the talker in this duo! But he’s also the one that people gravitate to and love to visit with. He’s extremely fun-loving…somewhat crazy…and totally unpredictable! (I was told that, “I would never be bored” around him…Boy! Were they right)! And he looks so good in his suits! Hondo is anything but the ordinary “run-of-the-mill” kind of guy – he’s great!

With that, I now return you to your previously scheduled program – Suzy

So there you have it!

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Oh, you know what, let me add one more thing. We are often asked “why don’t you compete?” And our honest and heartfelt answer is this.

“The accolades we might achieve from any judge would pale in comparison to the reward inherent in watching our dancers becoming comfortable on the dance floor.”

The smiles are what we strive for and so far we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams. So you can bank on this promise, I will always work my hardest, and Suzy will always endeavor to make any learning experience from us something to enjoy, treasure and remember.

NOW you have it!


Respectfully submitted by: HONDO!




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